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Repurposing Fall Leaves: Eco-Friendly Ideas for Gardeners

Autumn graces us with a plethora of vibrant colors as leaves dance to the ground. For many, these fallen leaves might seem like a gardening nuisance, but with a little creativity and insight from gardening tips for beginners, they can be transformed into invaluable resources.

At Frisella Nursery, we are passionate about sustainable gardening and have a few eco-friendly suggestions to repurpose those autumn leaves in your home gardening projects.

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The Best Advice for Those Considering Investing in Property Rentals

Turning a property into a money-making venture can be a daunting proposition. However, if you’re ready to jump into vacation rentals, invest in an apartment, or are contemplating becoming a property manager, there are a few things you should know before you get started. We’ve pulled together some terrific resources to help shape your decisions.

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Composting at Home

What is compost & why is it useful? Read all about why compost is so good for your garden and learn how to make your very own compost at home!

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Gardening for Beginners

From butterfly gardens to veggie gardens, we talk about planting, watering, soil and other care. Our garden center manager, Laura Hill, shares many tips and tricks for beginner gardeners!

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3 Tips for Spring Planting in St. Louis

Getting your garden ready for a St. Louis spring can sometimes be a trying task. We should know – the Frisella family has been caring for plants, shrubs, and trees through fickle Midwestern seasons since 1953.

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Bringing Life to the Indoors in the Dead of Winter

Everybody loves a little magic for the holidays. What that magic looks like might be different from year to year, but there’s always a way to bring a little something special into your home to make the season brighter and put a smile on your face.

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