Landscape Services

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Every site is unique and how homeowners engage with the site varies. Some of us enjoy entertaining family and friends, while others are looking for a quiet, calm place to reconnect with nature. It is with this understanding that we approach each new project from a holistic point of view. With a holistic design approach we aim for each of our landscapes to be warm and inviting acting as an extension of our homes and who we are.

Garden Center Services

Advised, Delivered, and Planted

Figuring out what will jive with your style and thrive in your space is as difficult as stuffing three weeping cedars into a hatchback (although it can be done). If you are interested in swapping out one-to-three trees or shrubs, Frisella Nursery’s seasoned plant experts are happy to point you in the right direction.

And because plants are heavy and well, dirty, we will take care of the delivery and planting too.

Do It Yourself

This is for those with the rolled sleeves and the green thumbs. The plant collectors. Those that enjoy the trials and like to mix it up often. Wander the nursery and load up the cart. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we might be able to get it or grow it for you! We’re here if you need us, but you probably won’t.

Frisella Landscape Group Services

Full-Service Landscape Design + Build

If you are looking for an outdoor transformation; to re-imagine your entire front yard or backyard (or both), our professional landscape designers are here to show you what’s possible and guide you through the entire process.

This involves an at-home consultation and a custom landscape design package which includes a full-scale color rendering and detailed estimate.


Maintenance, Estate Gardening, Irrigation

What happens after trees, shrubs, flowers, and turf are planted is critical to the health of the overall landscape. Some clients wish to maintain their own property, others prefer the highest level of attention. Whether you need a few seasonal cleanups or year-round service, our maintenance team is dedicated to leaving your property in pristine condition

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