Frisella Nursery Landscaping Roses St. Louis

Hybrid Tea

The hybrid tea rose is the most popular class of roses. Cultivars include Mister Lincoln (Fragrant red), Neptune (Fragrant lavender), Moonstone (White & Pink), Over the Moon (Warm apricot), Double Delight (Cream & Red).


H.T. X Floribunda cross

Cultivars include Queen Elizabeth (Pure pink), Gold Medal (Yellow), Dick Clark (Cream & Red Blend), Twilight Zone (Deep Purple), Happy Go Lucky (Yellow)


Flowers in clusters. Cultivars include Frida Kahlo (Red striped Gold), Hot Cocoa (Smoky Orange), Sunsprite (Deep Yellow).

English Roses

Fragrant Shrubs. Cultivars include Bishop’s Castle (Pink), Winchester Cathedral (White), Strawberry Hill, (Warm pink), Munstead Wood (Deep crimson), Golden Celebration (Yellow).

Drift Roses

Low spreading habit. Cultivars include Apricot Drift, Double apricot, Coral Drift (Coral-orange), Peach Drift (Soft pink), Popcorn Drift (Cream yellow), Red Drift (Red).

Climbing Roses

Climbing roses are great for a trellis, fence, or arbor. Cultivars include Fourth of July (Red, White, Yellow), Lady in Red (Dark red), New Dawn (Light pink), Golden Showers (Yellow), Zephirine Drouhin (Pink).

Knock Out Roses

Knockout roses are great landscape shrubs. Cultivars include Knock Out (Light red), Double Knock Out (Dbl.Light red), Pink Knock Out (Medium pink), Pink Dbl. Knock Out (Dbl. Medium pink), Blushing Knock Out (Light pink).


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