3 Tips for Christmas Tree Removal

3 Tips for Removing your Christmas Tree

People all over the country are seeing more needles on the floor than ever this year, this is because of the drought that has affected Christmas tree farms everywhere. If you have had it with the mess and are ready to say goodbye to your Christmas Tree, here are a few helpful tips that will make the process easy and hopefully less messy.

Step 1: Remove the decor

This is a simple one. Remove the decor in the reverse order you put it on, so ornaments, then lights, etc. Remember that in order to recycle your tree, it should be free from all tinsel and all other decor items.

Step 2: Sling it

Spread a tarp, bedsheet, or drop cloth on the floor next to the tree and remove the decor-free tree from the stand. Lay the tree down on the cloth and wrap or carry it like a sling out of the house so the needles are contained.

Step 3: Recycle it!

Strap the tree to the top of the car the same way you transported it home and bring it to your city’s local recycling drop-off. If your city doesn’t recycle trees, remember you are welcome to bring it here and we will be happy to recycle it for you. In fact, we will even give you a $5 coupon* for doing so!


*Cannot be combined with any other offers, must be redeemed at the time of recycling drop off.

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