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Summer Survival Guide, for Plants!

While winter is tough on many of our plants, summer brings another set of problems such as insects, diseases, and of course all that heat! We have created this handy survival guide to keep your plants thriving well into fall.

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How to Keep Your Plants Thriving in the Scorching Heat

St. Louis has some of the hottest summers around, and lucky for us this year, summer weather came early! With temperatures in the 90s in May, we can be sure we have a few more hot months ahead of us. Our landscape and garden center teams cannot stress the importance of proper watering enough when talking with customers.

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St. Louis Bird Feeding Guide

Have you ever wondered how you can make your backyard more attractive to birds? Here is a quick look at the feeding habits of four popular St. Louis birds to determine what you can do to make your yard more bird-friendly.

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3 Tips for Removing your Christmas Tree

People all over the country are seeing more needles on the floor than ever this year, this is because of the drought that has affected Christmas tree farms everywhere. If you have had it with the mess and are ready to say goodbye to your Christmas Tree, here are a few helpful tips that will make the process easy and hopefully less messy.


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4 DON’TS of Applying Ice Melt

While winter actually has come according to the calendar, the current drought conditions and higher than usual temps may have you wondering if it will ever look or feel like winter. Well, we can assure you some snow will eventually come (maybe even Sunday) and at some point, it will produce ice. It’s best to get ourselves prepared for the worst while we still have time.


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Winter Drought is Here! Are Your Plants in Danger? 

Did you know that St. Louis is experiencing a fairly serious cool-weather drought? Many people assume that plants do not need as much water in the winter months, but for most plants, especially those planted in the past year, it is very important to maintain adequate moisture in the winter months.


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