What’s in Bobbie’s Garden?

We asked Bobbie Tracy, Frisella Nursery Landscape Designer and our resident butterfly and pollinator plant enthusiast, to share with us what’s growing well in her backyard. This week she is sharing the Moscow Lilac.

“If only photos could include fragrance! I have three of these “Beauty of Moscow” white lilacs. I know, lilacs are supposed to be well, lilac in color, right? But let me tell you, you won’t find a lilac with bigger flowers or a more abundant perfume. Plus, these shrubs produce tons of blooms that I cut weekly for indoor flower arrangements. The scent is absolutely heavenly!
And I might add, since temps are well below freezing right now, that this lilac is winter hardy and can tolerate our crazy winters. I can’t wait for spring! One more thing, the deer have pretty much left them alone.”  – Bobbie Tracy, Frisella Nursery Landscape Designer
If you would like to learn more about the Beauty of Moscow Lilac, visit our online plantfinder, or stop in and speak with one of our plant specialists.

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