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Houseplants are having a moment, right now and there are a number of reasons why more homes and offices are seeing green. Initially driven by aesthetics, the most Instagrammable and pin-able plants like Fiddle Leaf Fig trees and succulents saw a surge in popularity.

As people are becoming more comfortable caring for different varieties of houseplants, we are seeing a rise in demand for plants that offer a fun challenge for people green-thumbs, like those famously finicky orchids. With more people spending time at home, there is also interest in plants that have functional benefits, like peace lillies that trap allergens and purify the air.

No matter if you want a plant to compliment your home decor or clean the air in your home office, there are a number of scientifically-backed health and wellness benefits that come with building your indoor garden.


On everyone’s minds lately, forests and gardens are best known for their hard work creating clean, healthy air. Bringing the beauty of nature indoors means bringing those same benefits into your home, as well.


From the chemicals in paints and inks to the stale air recycled indoors, plants are known as air purifiers. Creating healthier air to breathe, especially when you’re spending more time than usual indoors, is as simple as bringing in some of the best indoor plants for cleaning the air, like snake plants, english ivy, and pothos.


Another concern with spending more time indoors is the drying effect an HVAC system has on the air, particularly when the heat is on. Consistent exposure to extremely dry air can not only aggravate your skin but can make you more susceptible to colds and the flu. However, growing indoor plants like spider plants, rubber plants, and philodendron can help boost the humidity in the air by as much as 10%.


Aside from the mood boosting effects from creating a more natural environment indoors, plants can also have a direct impact on your physical health, as well.


More than just the culinary delight of having fresh herbs on hand, there are other plants that are commonly grown in the kitchen that can offer some help with particular ailments. For example, fresh basil and fresh mint are known to aid in soothing the stomach while the leaves of the aloe vera plant can be snapped off and used to treat minor burns and skin irritations.


The air clearing benefits of plants expand beyond simply removing stale air. There are a number of tests that show lower levels of common allergens like dust and mold in rooms with plants like violets and peace lillies, helping you breathe easier.


From happiness to concentration, there have been many studies showing the positive impact plants on your mental and emotional health. Lavender is likely the first to come to mind, but it is far from the only plant to help with mood and memory.


Being out in nature or cultivating ornamental greenery like dracaena, fiddle leaf figs, or string of pearls plants in your home is shown to create a calming environment. Studies have shown a drop in blood pressure and cortisol levels when around plants, which can boost your ability to focus, which increases productivity and your ability to recall information later.


Encouraging someone who is recovering from a procedure or celebrating the arrival of a new baby are often marked with sending flowering plants – and for good reason. Blooms of all types, like the exotic hoya or anthurium, are known to increase happiness and there is evidence to show their mood-boosting effects help patients with the recovery process.

Frisella Nursery carries a wide variety of indoor plants and greenery and we’d love to help you build an indoor garden to help you have a more beautiful, healthier home. Browse our plant selection onlineand start building your plant wish list, or stop by & say “Hi.”



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