DIY Valentine Succulents Using Jiffy Pots

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and if you’re looking for something cute and fun to gift a friend, display as home decor, or for your kids to craft up for their teachers consider this quick and easy succulent valentine craft using jiffy pots.

Jiffy pots (AKA peat pots) are all-natural, 100% biodegradable starter pots commonly used for seed starting. They can also be used as temporary containers for tiny plants, like succulents.

This valentine succulent project requires only a few tools and makes a great, inexpensive, homemade gift for someone you love.


  • a jiffy pot
  • a mini succulent
  • paint and paintbrush or markers
  • a small amount of soil for filling in
St. Louis Valentines Day Craft St. Louis valentines day Craft

Mix the paint to achieve the color you want.  We chose this pretty pink color. Decorate the jiffy pot in any way you choose, or add a simple heart as we did here. Let the paint dry.


Succulent craft ideas Succulent craft ideas

Remove the succulent from its original container and trim off any dead leaves.  A few dead leaves on the underside of your plant is common, and removing them helps the plant stay healthy and promotes new growth.  Plant the succulent in the jiffy pot and add a bit of extra soil if necessary to fill any empty space.


Jiffy Pot succulent Valentine Jiffy Pot succulent Valentine

Voilà! Once you’ve created one succulent valentine, you’re sure to want to make a few more. We are happy to supply you with the sweetest tiny succulents and of course, we have the jiffy pots to complete this craft, so come out and see us.


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