How to Keep Your Plants Thriving in the Scorching Heat 

St. Louis has some of the hottest summers around, and lucky for us this year, summer weather came early! With temperatures in the 90s in May, we can be sure we have a few more hot months ahead of us. Our landscape and garden center teams cannot stress the importance of proper watering enough when talking with customers. Many good-intentioned homeowners have trouble remembering to care for plant material in general, much less in the summer when we tend to be leaving the house (and our plants) more often. Many plants and trees perish in the summer heat due to improper water care. Believe it or not, overwatering is worse than under-watering in many cases. If you have recently planted trees, shrubs or flowers in your landscape, here are some pointers for keeping them thriving all summer long.

Schedule “Green Days”

Summer is a busy time! Many of us are heading to BBQs, summer sports, and pools and generally, people spend more time outside enjoying the warm weather. It helps to assign one or two set days during the week as “Green Days” to make sure you keep your plants and trees top of mind through the summer heat. Make Green Days the days for mowing grass, checking the moisture of newly planted trees and shrubs, and giving plants a good soaking if needed. You should be watering some plants daily or nearly every day, but Green Days are for special attention (and insurance, in the event you miss a watering or two).

Know your Plants

Annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees all have different watering needs. It is helpful to take inventory of what your particular plant needs are and know how to check for adequate moisture. Your trees and shrubs require infrequent, but longer, slow waterings so the water can reach the bigger root systems. Containers, hanging baskets, and flower beds should get less water more frequently because their roots are smaller. If you need help checking your plants for water, please refer to our summer watering guide, here.

Assign a Watering Buddy 

Remember that just like pets, plants need to be looked after while you’re gone! If you are heading away for vacation this summer, be sure to assign a friend, neighbor or family member to water your plants and newly planted shrubs and trees while you are out of town. Don’t forget to offer to return the favor while your watering buddy is away.

Tips for Plant Care in St. Louis
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