Benefits of Planting in the Fall in St. Louis

While it may seem obvious that spring is the time to plant trees and shrubs in St. Louis, many are left wondering if it’s just as okay to plant during other seasons. We believe as long as the soil isn’t frozen, plants are better off in the ground than they are in containers, so plant away any time of year. However, fall is an especially wonderful time to plant all trees and shrubs. Leaves appreciate the cooler air and their roots thrive in soil still warm from summer. One big advantage fall-planted trees and shrubs have is a stronger, more robust root structure. Since frost doesn’t halt the roots, they continue to spread all winter long. These extra months of growth allow for a much more established plant before the stress of summer.

Planting trees and shrubs in the fall has its benefits for homeowners as well, especially in St. Louis. Spring weather can be more dicey, leaving you to join the rush at the garden centers on good days and forced to plant when the weather permits. You’ll find there’s more time to carefully select and plant your trees and shrubs in the fall and it can be more enjoyable that way. Watering, while just as important in the fall because drought can occur all year, is at least supplemented by steady rainfall giving homeowners a bit of a break as well.

We hope this helps you on your quest to join the fall planting season, and we are happy to help you decide which plants are best for your outdoor space, just pop by and see us!


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