Just the mention of fall brings immediately to mind the brilliant, coppery tones of the trees and the deep oranges, greens, and yellows of the season’s most popular vegetable – gourds. Though the growing season may be slowing, it is not completely over yet. The work of the home gardener never ceases, and some important fall gardening tasks to keep your gardens healthy and prepare for the spring ahead. So grab your cider and unpack your flannels, let’s talk about managing your garden in the fall.


While spring may get all of the credit for being the ideal time to plant, there are a few advantages to fall planting. Typically, you’ll have warmer ground temperatures during the fall, and, with all of the extra rain and fewer pests around, plants can thrive when planted in September and even into October.

Planning ahead is one of the biggest tasks for the home gardener, but is also one of the most rewarding. Hopefully, back in the spring, you planted those autumnal bloomers, like the aptly named Autumn Monkshood, to keep those beds popping with color. It isn’t too late to add a few chrysanthemums and aster to complement the season’s changing leaves.

Spring Bulbs
As the temperatures are cooling, we like to think about daffodils, hyacinths and tulips. You’re probably thinking, “Wait, what? Why? Those are Spring flowers, silly!” Yes, but the moderate temperatures and soft soil make it the perfect time to plant the bulbs in order to have these early fragrant flowers.  

“Every year, we have people who come to the Nursery looking for what they are seeing in their neighbors’ yards,” said Laura Hill, Garden Center Manager at Frisella Nursery. “If you want to have those beautiful flowers after the long, dreary winter, it’s important to plant the bulbs now.” 

Luckily, Frisella Nursery has all the bulbs you could need to create the Spring garden of your dreams. We have bulb kits with flowers specifically chosen to complement each other (including deer-resistant options), or you can buy individuals to create your own mix.

Looking to switch up your shrubbery? It is also the ideal time to transplant bushes and shrubs because the moderate temperatures help minimize the shock to the root system. 

For the same reason, it is also peak time to divide your perennials (like hostas) and peonies so you can get twice the blooms next growing season and keep the plants healthy. Not only that, but you can give them away to friends and family to share your love of plants!

Fall Lawn Care
A healthy lawn in the summer starts with some TLC in the fall. This is the ideal time to overseed and fertilize your yard for lush green grass next year. Typically, you’ll want to fertilize three times between September and the end of the year. After clearing out the debris and spent plants from your flower gardens, it also an ideal time to fertilize your gardens one last time so they have plenty of nutrients as they prepare for their long winter’s nap.



If you’re heading out to Defiance, MO to pick up some of your favorite fall plants and maintenance supplies, why not make a day of it? The same fertile soil and temperatures that help us cultivate some of the healthiest trees, flowers, and shrubs in St Louis also makes for growing great vintners grapes. The fall is a great time to stop by and say, “Hi” and then check out one of the neighboring wineries like Sugar Creek Winery, Chandler Hill Vineyards, and Yellow Farmhouse Winery – all within a few minutes drive of our nursery!

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