Have you ever wondered about planting spring bulbs? We get many questions about when and how to plant them this time of year and lots of “Is it too late?” so we gathered all the questions and answers for you below. Hint, it’s not too late – yet!

Why plant spring bulbs in the Fall? 

Fall is the best time to plant spring bulbs because they need to undergo a hard freeze to help them with a successful and delightful flower in the spring. While you want to try and plant spring bulbs before the first hard freeze, you can still plant them after a freeze if the weather warms up enough. The ground will just be a lot tougher to penetrate due to the freezing temperatures.

How do I plant spring bulbs?

There are a few factors that come into play when planting spring bulbs. You will want to make sure the area you are planting is well-tilled. Compost is great for helping enrich the soil, which can boost the bulb’s growth. The depth of your hole depends on the size of the bulb. You will need a deeper hole for a Tulip, which has a larger bulb than say, a Crocus. Be sure to make the hole twice as deep as the bulb is tall, roots facing down. Once planted, recover with remaining soil and water them. Now you patiently wait for their arrival in the spring.  Some bulbs first hardy leaves may start to appear in late February-March but don’t worry if the snow gets on them that doesn’t affect them.

Are there any deer resistant spring bulbs?

A common request in the garden center is for bulbs that are deer resistant. A few deer-resistant bulbs are Daffodils, Hyacinths, and Crocuses. Deer typically steer clear of these because they don’t like their scent,  but sometimes if they are hungry enough, they will still eat them.

Why should I plant spring bulbs?

The better question is why wouldn’t you? A lot of people plant them for a wonderful spring color to help ready for soon to arrive warmer weather. Planting different bulbs so that they bloom at different times gives color throughout spring. Floral accents are ones we consider to be very common due to their display of color and aroma. Daffodils, Tulips, and Alliums make wonderful cut flowers.

What spring bulbs will come back year after year?

Daffodills, Hyacinths, and Crocus will generally naturalize an area for years to come. Now with tulips you need to do a little more due to the maintenance of regrouping them. The bulblet needs to be removed to let them grow again then plant the original bulb back in the ground. They are offsets that develop above or below the mother bulb.

Which bulbs are right for my space?

If you like to change things in your yard quite frequently, Tulips would be the best way to go. If you are looking for less maintenance, we recommend Daffodils, Hyacinths, and Crocuses.

Where do I plant spring bulbs?

Bulbs can either be planted in the ground or in a container or pot. There are a few things you must look out for if you prefer to plant bulbs in containers. If planting them in terra cotta containers, place them in a warm area so the soil doesn’t expand, causing the pot to crack. If you do not have a warm space, place the bulb towards the middle of the pot so the cold temperatures can’t get to them as easily.

We hope this post has helped you learn a thing or two and inspires you to grab some bulbs and plant them this weekend! Please share photos of the bulbs you plant on our Facebook page.


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