What’s in Bobbie’s Garden?

We asked Bobbie Tracy, Frisella Nursery Landscape Designer and our resident butterfly and pollinator plant enthusiast, to share with us what’s growing well in her backyard. This week she is sharing the Dogwood.

Here’s a tree with seasonal interest, Missouri’s state tree, the dogwood. Dogwoods are lovely alone, as a specimen in landscaping with its straggling, spreading crown, or in an understory grouping.

In spring, the tree has an abundance of white or pink flowers (actually flower-like bracts, which are modified leaves).

Once fall arrives, dogwoods put on another show. The leaves turn a beautiful burgundy and the tree produces berry-like stone fruit (drupe) that attracts birds and other wildlife. I captured these photos of Bluebirds and a Northern Flicker feasting on the fruit of our dogwoods. In addition, dogwoods are larval food plants for several groups of butterflies and moths!”  – Bobbie Tracy, Frisella Nursery Landscape Designer

If you would like to learn more about the dogwood, visit our online plantfinder, or stop in and speak with one of our plant specialists.

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