Tips for Starting a Highly Productive Garden in Your Backyard

By: Emma Croft

Have you thought about growing a garden? If you’re new to gardening, now is a great time to start planning your planting for the coming spring. Starting and sustaining a productive garden isn’t as challenging as you may think. Anyone can grow delicious fruits and vegetables, no green thumb needed! Of course, there are a couple of things to keep in mind as you break ground on your new garden. Here are some tips and resources to get you started!

Choose Some Beginner-Friendly Plants

If you’re new to gardening, start by planting some vegetables that are easy to grow. You won’t have to do much to keep them happy!

  • Visit Frisella Nursery for plants, trees, shrubs, and other items for your garden.
  • Learn about your growing zone and understand how to choose the right plants for your region.
  • Plant veggies that are easy to grow in almost any climate.
  • Include some pest-deterrent plants among your vegetables to keep rodents and insects away.

Prepare Your Planting Site

To get the most out of your garden, make sure your planting site is well-prepared. Here are a few ways to get it ready:

  • Hire a grading company near me to prevent water from pooling in the garden.
  • Try “lasagna gardening” by creating a bed of layered organic material that doesn’t require tilling before planting.
  • Test your garden soil for nutrients. 
  • In the spring, you can warm up your soil for early planting with plastic covers or mulch.

Go the Extra Mile

Want to take your garden to the next level? Try making your own compost and collecting rainwater to make your garden even more eco-friendly.

  • Start a backyard compost pile that you can use to feed your garden.
  • Learn how to leverage companion planting to grow prolific vegetables.
  • Collect rainwater from the roof of your house to use in your garden.

Few things are more rewarding than growing fresh fruits and vegetables. The best part? Starting is easy! Prepare your garden site, pick out a few plants, and don’t be afraid to get creative. You’ll learn the most when you get out there and start playing around in the dirt. 

Are you ready to start planting? Frisella Nursery has a wide selection of plants for your landscaping and gardening needs. Check out our website to explore our plant library today!

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