How to Achieve the Healthiest Lawn on the Block

Next summer’s lawn health depends on what’s done now to achieve optimum nutrition prior to winter. Lawn composting, aeration, and overseeding has many benefits and we recommend it to anyone that appreciates a healthy, deep green lawn through the hottest, driest months of the year.

Some of the key benefits to lawn aeration, composting, and overseeding are:

  • Less weeds due to deeper, thicker turf roots that help to choke them out.
  • Increased resistance toward stress-causing heat and drought.
  • Increased ability to fight off fungus, saving time and money.
  • Thicker and deeper root growth mitigating future compaction.

Frisella Nursery’s One-Visit Lawn Renovation program includes double-pass aeration, composting and overseeding designed for maximum soil penetration. If you would like to schedule Frisella Nursery’s One-Visit Lawn Renovation program, please call (636) 798-2555 X105 or email to schedule your visit.

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