Houseplant 101: The Fiddle-Leaf Fig

Anyone with an Instagram or Pinterest account has probably come across an image or two of a bright green fiddle-leaf fig tree (Ficus lyrata) in the most lovely home setting. It is probably one of the trendiest of houseplants right now, but one of the more difficult to keep happy. Here are a few pointers to keep your fig looking Instagram-worthy all year long. By the way, do you follow @frisellanursery on Instagram?

Tip 1: Let there be light

Yep, the fiddle-leaf fig tree is a tropical plant, so it needs sunlight. In the winter, place it about a foot away from a window so the cold draft doesn’t bother it, and in the summer, you may want to place it outside for a nice sunbath. Remember, if you come across a photo a fiddle-leaf in dark corner, it is probably not real.

Tip 2: Swap the pot

We suggest getting your fiddle-leaf fig out of the plastic pot it comes in, and into one of similar size, but made of more breathable clay. Add some stones to the bottom to help with drainage and your tree will thank you. After potting, add some potting mix around it to ensure it is snuggly inside its new pot and you’re all set.

Tip 3: Food and water

Of course, live plants need water, but did you know they also need food?  Fertilizer exists to supplement the minerals and nutrients the plant would naturally get in the wild. So when you buy your plant, pick up a bottle of fertilizer to add to the soil or mix with the water and you will have a happier, healthier fig. Now on to watering. The key is finding the right amount of water for your finicky fig. Too little and your tree will dry out and drop leaves, too much and the roots could rot. Our suggestion is to start by giving it a couple of cups of water once a week. Check that the water is well drained before watering again. Some find more water less often works best. You can do what works for you and your new fig.

Tip 4: Give it a spin

If your tree is near a window, as it should be, it is important to turn it every now and then so it doesn’t start to reach towards the sun. A quick turn each time you water is easy to remember and will keep it balanced.

Tip 5: Make babies! 

The only thing better than a fiddle-leaf fig is two or three fiddle-leaf figs. Did you know you can propagate your fiddle-leaf fig by snipping off a leaf just above where it meets the trunk and placing it in water? It will begin to grow roots and once they are a few inches long, it is ready to be potted. This will also make your original fig grow taller.

If you are primed and ready to be the new owner of a fiddle-leaf fig, we’ve got some in stock and ready for a new home!


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