Fall Planting Guide: Choosing the Perfect Trees for Your Autumn Garden

Frisella Nursery

Autumn is an exquisite time in the realm of home gardening. As leaves don shades of gold and scarlet, many gardening enthusiasts wonder about the best trees and shrubs to plant during this season.

At Frisella Nursery, our expertise in gardening shines most when helping customers discover the ideal plant for their garden. Whether you’re new to gardening or have been honing your green thumb for years, this guide will offer insights to elevate your autumn garden.


1. Deciduous Trees

Maple Trees: Synonymous with fall, their fiery foliage creates a picturesque gardening display.

Oak Trees: While they’re often appreciated for their majestic appearance, oaks are equally treasured in home gardening for their rich autumn colors.


2. Evergreens

Though they don’t shed their leaves like deciduous trees, many evergreens offer visual interest for gardening aficionados. They act as a steady, green backdrop against the more vibrant autumnal hues, solidifying their spot in any plant for the garden list.


3. Fruit Trees

Apple and pear trees are stellar additions to any home gardening project. Apart from the delicious fruit they bear, their blossoms in spring and colored leaves in fall add dual aesthetic value.


4. Shrubs for Fall Brilliance

Berried shrubs like the viburnum or holly can be a home gardening favorite. They not only flaunt gorgeous fall foliage but also bring birds to your garden.


5. Tips on Selecting Trees for Gardening in Fall

Soil Testing: Before deciding which plant to choose for your garden, test your soil. This helps in selecting trees that will thrive in your garden’s unique conditions.

Size Consideration: Always consider the full-grown size of a tree before planting. This ensures your gardening space doesn’t get overwhelmed as the trees mature.

Local Nursery Visit: A visit to a local nursery, like Frisella Nursery, can offer personalized advice. They can guide you on the best plant for garden endeavors based on local conditions and trends.



Fall planting isn’t just about adding beauty to your garden; it’s about creating a harmonious space that resonates with nature’s rhythm. With the right choices, your gardening efforts can yield a breathtaking landscape each autumn.

Whether you’re seeking advice or the perfect plant for your garden, Frisella Nursery is here to assist every step of the way.

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