6 Landscaping Projects That Add Value To Your Home

Curb appeal is something that is often overlooked even though it is something quite simple. How does your home look when someone pulls up to the curb outside the front of your home? We all know that the real estate market has been booming and home prices are already hitting record high numbers. Maximize the value of your property with landscaping that gives a “WOW” factor as soon as someone pulls up to the front curb.

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“When it comes to getting the best price for your home, the power of landscaping to increase your home’s value can’t be overlooked, “ says Beatrice de Jong, broker and consumer trends expert for Opendoor. “First impressions are everything, and curb appeal is what potential buyers notice first… It will signal to buyers that they can expect the same from the interior bones of the house.”

With a well-maintained landscape, you can typically add 5% – 12% more value to the price of your home. An attractive landscaping design really goes a long way when trying to get the most value for your property. Here are some landscape projects that industry experts say are worth the investment to boost the value of your home. 

Plant trees

Simple. Plant trees. Nearly every expert recommends planting trees to increase a home’s value. Be sure that the trees you are planting are planted in a well thought out location though. 

“Trees can add up to $9,000 to your home’s value, but you should grow them a distance from the septic system, driveways, and the house itself to prevent any potential interferences,” suggests Bryan McKenzie, co-founder of Bumper Crop Times. “Otherwise, the value of your home can be decreased as buyers may anticipate costly issues.”

Planting trees & placing them wisely in your yard has consistently proven to be a smart investment. The sheer presence of mature trees can increase property prices in certain areas by 4% – 20%. Moral of the story, plant trees & thank us later. 


Looking down a path of trees on Frisella Nursery's Tree Farm in Marthasville MO Looking down a path of trees on Frisella Nursery's Tree Farm in Marthasville MO

Don’t forget about your walkway!

The walkway up to your home is part of your guests first impression. Invest some time into making your walk-way and entrance look welcoming! Plant flowers along the path, light up the walkway & add components to your front entryway that are nice & inviting. 

Take care of and maintain your lawn. 

This is pretty easy, relatively inexpensive and is one of the first things that potential homebuyers look at. A well kept lawn improves your properties look, provides a play area for children, and gives adults a sense that the home they are walking into has been well taken care of. 

Add outdoor lighting to your landscape & exterior of your home.

Outdoor lighting can add a sense of security, elegance and charm to any home. There are outdoor lighting options available within the limits of any homebuyer’s budget. Check out Frisella Outdoor Lighting for more information on adding lights to your landscape & exterior of your home. 

A year-round functional outdoor living space

Adding a built-in deck or extended patio for entertaining and cooking seems to be one of the most popular home enhancements these days because it increases the usable square footage of the house. It returns an estimated 83% of the amount spent on the project. Be sure to properly finish and weather proof the space for the climate your home is so that it will last for years. For example, add a built-in fireplace for cooler climates and a well-shaded area for warmer ones. 

A study done by a canadian real estate company found that well planned and executed outdoor living spaces contribute 10% – 15% of a property’s value. SmartMoney.com has a similarly study and result. It states that an outdoor dining area, dry-laid patio, gravel, covered patio, or an above-grade deck can raise the value of your home over 12%.

Outdoor kitchen design by backyard pool Outdoor kitchen design by backyard pool

A professional landscape design

A professional landscape design will help your home climb beyond any competition on the market. Schedule a consultation with one of Frisella’s award winning landscape architects to see how your home value can be increased with our landscape design & build services. We also offer clean-up and maintenance so leave the seasonal clean up to us while you just relax and enjoy your beautiful, functional landscape! Check out a list of all of the services that Frisella offers here! 

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