Irrigation from Frisella Nursery | Image Courtesy of Hunter Industries

Images Courtesy of Hunter Industries

At Frisella Nursery we value our customers and want you to receive years of enjoyment from your investment. Landscaping should be performed with ongoing maintenance in mind, and our commitment to helping you maintain a beautiful lawn begins with proper irrigation and drainage. Request a free consultation today to begin protecting your landscaping investment with a Frisella irrigation system!

Too often, irrigation systems lack proper coverage and don’t use a zone approach, compromising plant health in landscape beds.  Just like different surfaces in your home require specific care, the different trees and plants in your yard all have different irrigation and drainage needs. Professional design and installation from Frisella Nursery’s experts will ensure that specific areas of your lawn are targeted with proper water distribution and drainage, cutting down on waste and saving you money.

Contrary to popular belief, irrigation is not just about getting water onto your lawn. How water drains from your lawn is equally important. Frisella Nursery plans for both water distribution and drainage by re-grading your lawn, installing french drains and rain gardens, and even offering rainwater harvesting solutions.

Our irrigation systems and designs will keep your landscape looking beautiful for years to come, adding more maturity and value with each passing season. To find out how a Frisella irrigation and drainage solution can benefit your lawn request a free consultation today!